If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you want to become a Master Chef (metaphorically), seek Nike Imoru. This was my third development session learning from this Master, and it was possibly one of the best investments I could have made. Nike is, in the best sense, human and compassionate, while at the same time being on point, factual, and straightforward business, helping us understand and develop our inner selves. Much of that has to come from within, but this phenomenon, this person, this conjuror, Nike, nurtures, coaches, and extracts the best from us, if we let her.
— Ron Weaks from Spokane, WA
Nike, very simply put, gave me the freedom to vocalize, in my own words, what I had been waiting to hear all along. She helped me recognize the importance of ‘failure in order to succeed,’ and illuminated the value of who I had already become, versus who I was trying to be. Act with inspiration. Talk to her and you’ll understand what that really means.
— Julian Gavilanes from LA
As an actor, I was stuck and directionless when it came to deciding what steps to take next. After speaking with Nike, she told me to really dig deep, get in touch with my inner actor, and answer some empowering questions. As soon as I started asking myself these questions, a voice inside me immediately had the answers. Maybe an hour after my conversation with Nike, opportunities began to come my way! I cannot thank Nike enough. She gave me exactly what I needed in those moments! Her beautiful gifts as a listener, an artist, and an inspiring person helped me unlock the direction of my dreams.
— Gabriela
I can’t tell you how illuminating I found your Q&A to be. I felt so grateful on behalf of the actors that they have you there... You are so uplifting it was truly a joy to spend that time with you. I can’t thank you enough for coming out and sharing your wisdom.
Much appreciated,
— Rochelle Rose, National Director of Performers Programs SAG-AFTRA Foundation
I cannot tell you how literally LIFE CHANGING that weekend was for me. I went through this week, still pondering, thinking, reflecting. My mindset has changed, not just about acting, but about my life as a whole. I wish I could more eloquently state how or why, but it is a something still ruminating. I appreciate so much your approach to us, actors - your sincerity, how purely you show concern and care, how delicate - yet non-relenting you are with us. You saw a side of me that maybe one other person (my husband) has ever seen... and perhaps not a side, but the realest version of myself. Very few have that ability to get me to open up and bare my soul. I appreciate you. Thank you, sensei.
— Bonnie Dichone, PhD
I love Nike Imoru! ... She approaches each actor as a unique gem already equipped with the tools to produce greatness, and she helps him unlock that greatness, in the way that works best for him. In Nike’s space your artist is honored, respected, and developed. Her workshop truly changed my life!
— Jasmine Brown from LA
Nike Imoru CSA is single-handedly the greatest coach I’ve known.. She taught me what it truly means to ‘Be’ in the moment and to listen to the forces around you. Your ‘acting’ will no longer be ‘acting’ you’ll be present and honest after working with her.
— Kenny Parks Jr from Spokane, WA