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This is the members-only page, for participants of The Actor's ToolKit/The Actor's Way. This is where I share my Actor's blog,  tips, tools, & techniques for on-camera acting, auditioning, craft and process for stage and screen, scene study exercises. 

Thank you for your patience as we develop the page and streamline the process..  NB if you wish to join The Actor's Way closed FB page, email with the email you use to access your fb page and we will add you.

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The Actor's ToolKit - March 27th 2018

The First Round of Auditions. Understanding that the first round of auditions is your online profile,  as opposed to the self-tape or the live audition.  Assignment: Over the next month, take 10% total of your time spent on social media and re-direct it to improving your online portfolio.  This empowers you to do a little bit every day. Make it a 'daily do'.

The Actor's ToolKit - April 24th 2018

Self Tapes. We reviewed online profiles for those that had done the assignment from the April  livestream. We also discussed self-tapes and why they are the way of current casting.  No one likes self-tapes, casting directors don't like them, actor's don't like them; but we should not fear them,  we should prepare for them.  Homework: a 90 second self-tape.  Narrative, fiction. Slate: name, agency and role that you are reading for. It must have a reader. When complete send to this dropbox link. Please note that this link is NOT for auditions. It is for assignments and coaching practice only.


Type. We began by reviewing the s90 second elf-tapes submitted by Actors. And then we talked about 'type' and the types of roles we are ready to embrace on camera. Ina Chang an Actor's Way graduate from last summer attended and talked about going from TAW into a tv audition and a landing  a guest star role, and then being a forerunner,  as a series regular for Chinese show filmed in Vegas.  What struck me and I think those present was that, she spoke definitively about knowing her type and  being able to bring that information to the audition. It helps her to know that actually she is a particular way, as a woman of colour, with sets of experiences that are uniquely her. It doesn't hinder her.  Increasingly the most important thing for the Actor is to know themselves and drop the mask,  drop the 'acting', and move towards being. We aren't casting Actor's like we used to. We are casting real people with stories to tell. Assignment for next session - "take a risk, a bold action for your acting career".


Risk. Actors shared the risks they have taken in the past month to develop themselves as Actors and artists.  Likely one of the most powerful and moving classes that I have participated in since teaching at the University of Hull, 1995-8 and Western Washington U 1999/2000. I will let the video speak for itself. Next assignment - find a casting director of a show you like and get to know them and their work. Send an email/postcard/headshot, tell them you would that you would like to audition for them. As a starting point (pro or normal) will list everything we do as casting director.

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