SyFy's Z Nation. Season 2. Casting By...

(We interrupt part 2 of “How I became a Casting Director” to make an altogether more thrilling announcement!)

Nike Imoru Casting  is ecstatic to be the key  casting director for Season 2 of  SyFy's Z Nation!  The casting team and I will be responsible for casting all the principal roles in Z Nation Season 2,  including series leads, guest and co-stars.


For Z Nation season 1, I  cast 95 % of  all the principal roles including our WA series regulars; Cassandra (Pisay Pao, above ) , 10k (Nat Zang, middle).  Doc (Russell Hodgkinson, below).  A slew of actors from Seattle and Spokane were also cast in the remaining  guest and co-starring roles.I had a lot of fun casting actors last year. I auditioned literally hundreds  of regional actors actors, which is what makes the job so wonderful to me; working with actors.  This year will  be even more exciting because I know the parameters of the show and can cast around our current leads. I also know the world of this particular apocalypse intimately. Casting was "fantastic" last year. It's going to be  exhilarating for Season 2.  I’m already looking forward to sleepless nights and hours in the studio, as I return to being the roving casting director; roving into LA as well in all probability.  Opening the Seattle casting studio was timely.  I had no idea that the Producers  of Z Nation would invite me to be the key 'caster this season; I just knew that I wanted more WA and regional actors to have easier access to my casting projects and studio.

What I am most looking forward to is populating Z Nation, Season 2, with  many  more experienced actors of colour.  To this end I will be exploring deep and wide, to cast the coolest, most charismatic and diverse group of actors for Z Nation 2.

We look forward to auditioning you but we ask that you do NOT contact the casting director or her assistants directly.

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