10 Rules + 10 Observations = 20 Audition *WoWs

*WoW ... Words of Wisdom ( ... or just some simple advice from a casting director)

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1) Arrive at least 5 minutes early ... And be prepared to wait.

2) Bring 2 headshots with resumes attached to your audition (unless advised otherwise) ... Make sure resumes  are correctly attached to headshots.

3) Do not blame your agent for YOUR mistakes (Eg: "I only got these sides 5 mins ago") ... Ever.

4) Do not press me to give you another 'take' ... When I have seen enough, I am ready to move on.

5) Look for your mark ... see it and stand behind it with your toes up to the line.

6) Know what a slate is before you arrive ... slate in the same 'temperature' (mood) as the character you are reading for.

7) The reader is your scene partner connect with him/her ... Do not look directly into the camera, unless instructed to do so.

8) Hair/Make up/Wardrobe for your character ... give this thought and don't go overboard.

9) Don't bring your process into my studio ... bring the role.

10) If you make a mistake or miss a line, it is not the end of the world. Choose to ... 1) Stop. 2) re-focus self and breathe. 3)start from the beginning, or go back a line or two.





  • How the actor behaves in my casting studio (under pressure) is exactly how they will behave  on set (under pressure).
  • When the actor contacts  me directly, via email or phone, or social media for information about auditions, it is a clear indication that  they have no respect for my casting process or their agent/manager.
  • Actors who try to read my mind, usually can't. Actors who listen for my adjustments, and respond to them, always impress me.
  • In my workshops actors confide that the singular problem of the  waiting area is  chatty "actor-friends". If this is you: 1)STOP talking. 2)CONTROL your urge to download-load your nervous energy to others. 3) RESPECT those who draw inwards before the audition.
  • Get your online profiles,  headshots/resumes up-to-date now. Why do actors leave 'business' until the last minute?!
  • A mediocre, indistinct or incomplete online profile is simply a reflection of a mediocre, indistinct or indifferent actor.
  • If a CSA (Casting Society of America) casting director offers a workshop - take it. There are only  500 CSA casting directors on the planet. (That's 2.5 CSAs per country in the world)
  • Actors who learn the 'role' rather than just the 'lines' tend to fare better in auditions.
  • The best advice I can give a screen actor  is to master the art of listening as though their very life depended on it.
  • Find out how to pronounce my name, before your audition additionally, if I make it into the "Education/Training" section of your resume, have the good sense to spell my name correctly.


Nike Imoru, CSA