The Actor's Way, A New Acting Studio in Seattle

Welcome  to Seattle's newest acting studio,  The Actor’s Way. It consolidates  my teaching  and coaching for stage and screen, nationally and internationally over the past 30 years. And it satisfies 2 things critical to the Actor's growth:  1) a safe-haven for developing process 2)  a space to grow as Actors with a Master teacher.

The Actor’s ToolKit/The Actor’s Way is a weekly acting class for stage and screen Actors. Thus far we have 40 graduate Actor’s who took the 5-week course in July/August. Our 3rd section (Level 1) begins 8/28 (  The Actor’s Way is currently Seattle’s only 'walk-up' studio. You show up, you pay on the door, you participate in  whatever topic we are addressing in those 2 hours.  If you prefer something more goal-orientated then sign up for the 5 week course and participate in the presentation at the end of 5 weeks. At the core of  The Actor’s Way are the tools  that I have been developing for two years. The Actor’s ToolKit/The Actor’s Way has been met with considerable enthusiasm by Actors who “just need a class” once in a while or once a week, forever!

The idea of The Actor’s Way came to me earlier this year when I was in the all-female production of Bring Down The House: Henry VI: Part I and II, nominated for 7 Gregory awards, a co-production with UpstartCrow Productions and Seattle Shakespeare Company.

There were times when I needed a Coach (who was not a friend/Actor), or a  class away from rehearsals, a community of Actors not in the same world as me, yet sympathetic to the Actor's way of being in the world.   I wanted ‘someone’ to hold a space for my Actor-self. My answer  was The Actor’s Way. A place where Actors commune, train, and remember the joy in doing so, with a Coach.

So what about all the 3 hours on-camera intensives, that I have been teaching since 2006? Auditioning for the camera, Scene Study, CDPOV, etc. ? All that information will become available in  different ways within The Actor’s Way classes. The on-camera intensives themselves will eventually make their way to on-line educational platforms for download and purchase.

In 2006/2007 when I crossed over from stage  to screen and became a casting director at North by Northwest Digital Productions, Spokane, I started teaching on camera workshops in line with my mission to develop, deepen and educate the NW talent pool so that eventually I could populate entire feature NW films with Actor's living and working in the NW. From Idaho right up to the border of northern California, I wanted to bring the reality of screen acting +  making a living  to the NW instead of importing Actors from LA .  I knew we needed names to sell the picture, but I believed that one day I would be able to cast NW Actors in lead roles and that  NW Actors could and would be the stars the show. It was a lofty vision  but let's face it no loftier  than naming myself "The Patron Saint of Actors", a decade prior!

1996/7 - She becomes the self-proclaimed Patron Saint of Actors!

2006/7 - She declares a mandate to source only NW Actors for movies made in the NW!

2016/2017 - She launches The Actor's Way, A New Acting Studio in Seattle!

I have reached and  over-shot my 2006/7 vision. While I did not populate any of the 20+ movies I cast with an all-NW cast, (though  many NW Actors were cast in some stunning roles in movies shot in Spokane)  I have brought and continue to bring NW Actors to a network cable  show for 4 seasons in ALL roles: Series Regular, Guest and Co-stars. (Awestruck!)  A decade later, and with the guarantee of a 10-year motion picture incentive, I feel as though I can look back and say to the Patron Saint of Actors…"yep! brill!  nice one! On schedule for 2 decades now:

"Very good ... carry on!"

Production photos: John Ulman