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As Actors, we’re called upon to unmask our vulnerabilities every day on set. But it’s normal to feel our emotions seize up when called for upon demand. Too often, raw talent can be overshadowed by a lack of confidence. Not anymore. Nike is fiercely passionate about Pacific Northwest Actors, helping prepare them, and showcasing their talent. In fact, she was able to cast Sy Fy's Z Nation with 85% PNW talent in all roles.

Develop Trust

You can trust Nike to find that in you which needs support. Using tried and trusted coaching techniques, she will nurture your craft and help you showcase your powerful work to others.

What We Do, Together, Build confidence

Working with Nike helps you build confidence in your craft. As a Master Acting Coach, she is deeply intuitive and has the ability and tools to turn your raw talent into powerful and memorable acting.

Nurture Support

Nike gives you permission to unmask and de-armor, and she supports any vulnerabilities you may have along the way. She will meet you wherever you are in your process, providing customized coaching and a safe space to explore and deeply connect with the self.

I recently had the chance to take a full weekend of workshops with Nike Imoru Casting ... I just wanted to reiterate what an incredibly powerful, insightful, impacting weekend it was. As always, Nike Imoru (CSA), offered her love for the actor, insight into the business and its changing trends, and her abundance of knowledge and skill within and of the art, paired with her eagle-eye straight into the heart and soul of each participant through our facades and armor. Every time I work with her, it changes something in the energy around my acting. She is a catalyst. Things move forward. My mindset shifts. I learn. I grow.

Now, I have had the honor of taking many workshops with the Patron Saint of Actors, but this time was different, in that I could feel that I have grown and changed since the last workshop. (Finally.) I was settled, not in a complacent way, but in a deep-peace and knowing-of-myself way. (Finally.) ... I was entirely comfortable in my own skin. Because of that, I could fully listen and engage, silencing the voices of self-doubt and fear in my head, and just be present and ‘play’
— Bonni Dichone, Actress