Nike Imoru PhD, CSA

Growing up in England my intuition was central to the development of my process as as Actor, on stage ... when I moved to America it became instrumental to my work as a casting director, for the screen.

Nike (pronounced NEE-kay) is a British-born casting director, Actor, producer, writer and director. For over a decade, Nike has worked in the Pacific Northwest, casting feature films. She is currently casting the 5th season of  SyFy Channel’s Z Nation and is instrumental in supporting and featuring the impressive array of talented Pacific Northwest Actors who populate the series. Nike is passionate about the process of casting.  She displays an intelligent and intuitive ability to understand the Actor, "any Actor, any age, any culture.” Over the past decade she has been unswervingly committed to developing a rich, diverse, and skilled talent pool for the Northwest entertainment industries. 

Nike's work as the Ultimate Actor’s Coach has led to The Actor's Way. This on-camera acting studio and webinar series provides a process of development and training for the Actor.  She is known for being a trusted and supportive coach, highly capable of pulling out raw talent and turning it into empowered performing. 

Nike is an award-winning actress. She has a stack of national and international acting credits, from BBC Radio 4 to The Royal National Theatre, London, and her seminal one-woman performance of Medea in Delphi, Greece. 

In 2017 she was honoured multiple times for her work on stage. The Seattle Times lauded all three of her performances in the Seattle Times Footlight Awards as “Actor Bringing It”. 

She received a Gregory Award, Best Supporting Actress, for her portrayal of Warwick in Upstart Crow’s all-female production of Henry 6th Pt 1 & II, Bring Down the House. The Production garnered a further five awards for best ensemble, production, choreography, Actress, director. 

Her autobiographical *Ode a Stage Song* with Simone Bruyere and directed by John Britton was received to critical acclaim. In the same year her performance in the titular role of Coriolanus with a stellar ensemble was met with equal acclaim.   

For her critically-acclaimed portrayal of Shakespeare’s most villainous male antagonist, Aaron the Moor, in Titus Andronicus (Upstart Crow’s all-female production 2012), she was awarded Outstanding Classical Actress (Footlight Award, Seattle Times), Best Featured Actress (Critics Choice Award, Broadway World), and Excellence in Performance (Gypsy Rose Lee Award). 

She has also appeared in cameo roles opposite Samuel Jackson in *Home of the Brave*, Tom Skerritt in At Middleton, Cary Elwes in Camilla Dickinson  and Ray Liotta, Ving Rhames, Christian Slater in The River Murders.   

Prior to her career in film and television, Nike was an established theatre academic, specialising in African American history, 19th and 20th century theatre history, critical and gender theory.  She held academic posts at the universities of Leeds and Hull, UK; as well as Western Washington University and the University of Idaho amongst others in the US. She has published essays on theatre and colonialism,  feminism,  race.  Her PhD thesis, from the University of Warwick, UK is housed in the British Library. 

In her spare time Nike enjoys hiking by the Ocean and dreaming up new ventures and possibilities.